Looking For Student Loan Forgiveness? Go Into Public Service

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Many individuals who attend college take out student loans in order to afford the costs of tuition, course-related materials and other school expenses. While some work while enrolled in a bachelors degree program, others have full student loan repayments to contend with after graduation. However, the new Public Service Loan Forgiveness program established by the Obama Administration might help individuals erase their debt while working towards a fulfilling career.

Those who choose jobs that provide socially beneficial services such as nursing or social work, may find that their federal student loans are forgiven after a certain period working at this profession. The Indiana Daily News recently reported on students who are planning to become primary care physicians after graduation in order to be eligible for the program.

Many of these students found that their student loans were greatly reduced or eliminated by choosing to take their physicians qualifications and use them towards a greater social good.

Other individuals who are in the midst of their studies at an online college may want to consider their career goals and how their occupation can help them take care of student loans once they enter the workforce as a qualified employee.

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21 Responses to “Looking For Student Loan Forgiveness? Go Into Public Service”

  1. Bobby says:

    Wow! I wish this was around when I was in college! I was in debt up to my teeth which I am still paying off. :(

  2. Jim says:

    I’m just curious but does that apply to people in lines of work like public transportation? i.e. driving a school bus?

  3. Joe Spencer says:

    I’ve been interested in this idea for a while now. Public service doesn’t mean the military though does it?

  4. Zack says:

    Awesome! I was planning on going into public service anyway so this works out wonderfully for me :)

  5. ally says:

    I took out a student loan from a bank and have not gotten a job yet, so cannot pay anything on it. It is possible to have this kind of loan forgiven?

  6. slim says:

    This is definitely interesting!How long would it take for a public teacher to work off their debt?

  7. ugent says:

    hmm interesting, i’ve never heard about this until just now, thanks for the heads up!

  8. taddy says:

    I finished college 6 years ago and am a physician’s assistant. I also am up to my ears in student loan debt. Do I qualify for help?

  9. quan says:

    I have a mountain of student loans to pay off. So if I get a job in the public sector like government, will I be eligible for forgiveness?

  10. ben says:

    Does mail carrier count?

  11. jerome glond says:

    Great news. I was thinking I might have to file bankrupcy. Is it true that you cannot include student loans in a bankrupcy?

  12. Christina says:

    I do hope I can get all the information as to where I need to go in my area so that I can get all that I need to get this forgiveness situation in place.

  13. tragicomedienne says:

    I’ve heard that some teachers who choose to work in the inner city, have the option of loan forgiveness. How many new programs introduced by the Obama administaration offer financial aid in return for working for the social good?

  14. Education Connection says:

    Hello Quan. While it is not a guarantee that your student loans will be taken care of, you can always check with future employers about what they can do help you out with your mountain of student loans :)

  15. Education Connection says:

    Hello Ben, yes being a mail carrier is a public service. Check with future employers to see what they can do for your student loans.

  16. Education Connection says:

    Jerome, you are correct. Unless there is an exception, student loans are a lifelong financial obligation.

  17. Education Connection says:

    Hey tragicomedienne, Teach for America has many benefits available for new teachers including help with student loans. I’d also recommend looking at The American Federation of Teachers website for programs that offer loan forgiveness.

  18. Pamela Jacob says:

    Just wondering since I do have quite a bit of debt – I do websites and creative jobs if I were to volunteer to do a website for a non-profit organization do you think some of my school debt could be relieved??

  19. Education Connection says:

    Hi Pamela. Student loan forgiveness is often state run, you’ll need to look into whether your state offers any sort of program similar to this and what the requirements are for applying for student loan forgiveness. Good luck!

  20. Sue says:

    Your tax dollars pays for this! This means
    Others pay for your education. Not right.
    If the government pays for it, it means The
    People of America get saddled with your
    debt! This is why our Country is in the shape
    it is. We all need to take responsibility
    for ourselves.

  21. Yelhsa says:

    I cannot tell a lie, that really hepeld.

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