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So you have your Bachelor’s degree and while that is a great accomplishment in itself, you have a pining desire to continue your education and pursue a graduate degree.

A Master’s degree in what though? Well, first take a look at the options that could possibly stem from your undergraduate degree. Do you fear that earning a graduate degree in the same major that you got your Bachelor’s degree in will not  pay off in the future in terms of employment and financial opportunities? I have an idea! You can earn a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Is your next biggest concern, after the trouble of choosing a field of study, trying to find the time and money for this pursuit? Well, you can opt for an online MBA program. Often times, online degree programs tend to be a little kinder to your bank account in addition to letting you work at your own pace on your own time.

GradSchools.com refers to an MBA degree as “the great equalizer” because individuals of all undergraduate backgrounds can enroll into such a program. An MBA is a rather versatile degree, and the business programs will teach and train students all they need to know in order to apply themselves to the business world. Think of this as a fresh start in pursuing a degree that can lead to greater career opportunities which can potentially lead to a more prestigious title or a cushier salary. Don’t completely disregard your Bachelor’s degree, though since you never know when you may need to rely on it!

There is a menu of MBA programs to choose from aside from the online program, which is probably the most flexible of them all. Some of the main selections include: the most common full-time 2 year program, a 1 year accelerated program, a part-time program (about 3 years), an Executive Program (for those with several years of working experience), and a dual program, which combines an MBA with a Master’s degree in an additional subject.

Okay, so you know that you are going to pursue an online MBA, but did you know that you can narrow down your options even more if you choose a concentration to specialize in? While general programs cover an array of areas such as finance, accounting, operations management and marketing, you can pick a field to zero in on such as entrepreneurship, project management or human resources if you so wish. The choices are endless.

What is most important is that you dig deep and obtain some real-life experience through either an internship or a job that allows you to apply your knowledge to actual situations that call upon your acquired skills. When you seek out an MBA program, find one that combines theory with practical, real-world experience in your field, notes GradSchools.com.

*guest blog post by Whitney Goldbach

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17 Responses to “Earn Your MBA Online!”

  1. Annie Brower says:

    I am interested in going back to school for my masters in english. Would I be wise to get this degree online?

  2. Colby Rentworth says:

    I have my bachelors degree in marketing and have been working for a large bank for the last three years. I am interested in going back to school for my master’s degree and need a scholarship. Where should I start.

  3. erica abrahamson says:

    I just completed my masters in history and did it online. I feel like I really accomplished something!

  4. Rhonda Volasca says:

    I am currently in my senior year and have always gone to on campus classes. Can I now switch to online school and complete my degree and hen go on for a masters.

  5. Saul Honel says:

    Getting a masters degree online sounds like a great idea. I am going to research it at my school.

  6. Brandon Kelly says:

    I’ve just completed my Art History degree although I want to enter the business field, the question I have is how long does it typically take to complete the MBA program?

  7. Jason Rawley says:

    Getting a degree online is such a great idea. Can I get financial aid for this type of degree?

  8. Gabriel Harra says:

    Is is possible to get a masters degree completely online?

  9. Michael Cinnott says:

    I am currently going to on campus school for my MBA. This school does not offer online classes. Can I switch to an online school midstream like this?

  10. Education Connection says:

    Hi Gabriel. Yes, there are many online masters degree programs.

  11. Education Connection says:

    Hello Michael. It is fairly normal for students to decide to switch schools in the middle of their program. You can make the switch, but make sure to speak with an advisor about transferring your credits to make sure you do not lose any you have already completed.

  12. Education Connection says:

    Hi Colby. Education Connection’s grants and scholarships page is a great place to begin your scholarship search!

  13. Education Connection says:

    Hi Brandon. MBA program time lengths differ from person to person. On average it will take two to three years.

  14. Education Connection says:

    Hey Jason. Financial aid is available for students in online and on-campus universities and colleges.

  15. Education Connection says:

    Hey Annie. Going back to school can be a tough decision to make , but if it is something you are really dedicated to doing then go for it. Online degrees are great anyone and could really appeal to you if you have a busy lifestyle.

  16. Dennis says:

    This is good information. I am interested in getting my master’s degree in education. I already have a hectic job. Is it realistic to feel that I can add an online degree to my pile?

  17. Education Connection says:

    Hey Dennis. The great thing about online education is that it works with busy schedules. You can take on one class at a time, or two, whatever you feel comfortable with.

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