Census Data Reveals Growing Number of Bachelor’s Degrees

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Education data from the Census has revealed that more and more students are getting degrees. The data which was released late last year found that over 58 million United States citizens had a bachelor’s degree. Are you one of them?

The report shows a growth of 34% in the past decade among those with a bachelor’s degree which remained the most popular amongst all degrees types. Master’s degrees were the second highest achieved degree while associate’s degrees lagged behind.

According to the census 26.8% of women have four-year degrees and 28.3% of men. The percentage of women with college degrees has greatly risen throughout the decades while the percentage of men has remained the same between 2000 and 2009.

A majority of those with degrees can be found in the northeastern United States, but the state of Colorado can boast that they have the largest percentage of adults with degrees. A small county in Colorado also has the highest percentage of adults with bachelor’s degree at a whopping 59%, the highest in the nation.

If you’re not one of millions with a degree fear not! An online degree is a great way to become part of a growing statistic. Approximately 21 million students enrolled in college last year so you’re not alone if you decide to start working towards a college degree today.

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    It seems like a bachelors degree is as important as a high school degree these days.

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