What The Government Shutdown Means For You

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A potential government shutdown is looming and if you’re anything like me you’re picturing chaos, anarchy and a complete meltdown of Washington D.C akin to what the capital looked like after the alien attack in Independence Day.

While this isn’t necessarily correct, no one can predict exactly what will happen and how the citizens of America will react.  But if, and more so when, the government shutdown happens there are many things we can expect.

  • Unless you have some sort of government job, you’ll still have to go to work. Scratch that awesome mini vacay out of your calendar.
  • If no deal is reached the government will shut down on Friday evening.
  • National Parks around the country will close.
  • Taxes will still be due April 18th but tax audits would be suspended as would federally back loans to small businesses.
  • Federal Highway Administration, U.S Patent and Trademark Office, veterans Health Administration, U.S Agency for International Development, and the Energy Department are just some of the agencies expected to remain operating normally.
  • Several agencies are choosing to not release specific plans and simply wait it out until they know whether a shutdown is happening or not.
  • According to contingency plans over 4,000 department of education employees will be left temporarily be out of work during a shutdown.
  • College students may have to wait longer to receive financial aid and new applications for aid are expected to be interrupted due to the verification of social security numbers, immigration status and more.
  • Little disruption is expected at schools unless the shutdown continues on for weeks or even months.
  • Congressional and executive offices will run with minimal staff.

The National Journal surveyed 1,200 federal employees and more than half claim they don’t even know if they will or will not have to report to work during a shutdown. A majority of these workers pointed the finger at Republicans for causing such stress.

As the day continues the next 24 hours will have everyone in D.C on the edge of their seats, and me glued to a Twitter feed.

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  1. Amani W. says:

    Hopefully, this will not happen, but we will have to see how it affects us college students and namely, us online college students. I’m still kind of worried, but at least this isn’t the only site/blog that has said it won’t hurt us students much if its only a short time thing, days… I was in 5th grade when the one happened in 1995, so I don’t remember it. I would though had hoped some people would have learned their lessons from it. Hopefully, we all don’t have to pay for it.

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