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In this week’s round-up of apps we’re bringing you ways to learn without having to be in the classroom.  Some people learn best using methods that may not be as traditional as sitting in on a lecture. Whether you’re taking online classes or listening to Mozart in the classroom, one of these apps is sure to help you.

iTunesU – Not necessarily an app you need to download, but nonetheless this is a section of iTunes some of you may not even know exists. Accessible in this section are lectures from hundreds of universities. You can find slideshows, PDF files, films and more to help your learning experience. Just because you don’t go to a particular institution doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from their professors. Plus, who hasn’t had a professor before that wasn’t exactly the best instructor? Why not get additional help where you can!

iBooks/Nook/Kindle – These three apps as you can guess are eReaders for your smart phone, tablet, or computer. First off, carrying all those books around can be exhausting (literally). Secondly, there are times when instead of playing Angry Birds while waiting for the bus, you should probably be reading the book your professor required. Each of these apps is free and you’ll have hundreds of books at your fingertips without having to weigh down your bag.

Instapaper – Similar to bookmarking a webpage this application for your phone, computer or tablet saves articles, blogs, news stories and such for you to read later. The reason this app is handy is because it saves you from having to bookmark a bazillion pages and you can read them offline. Depending on your location internet connections can be spotty so this app could save your during crunch time in the library or at home.

Turntable.FM – If you’ve ever heard of the Mozart effect you’ll know that listening to music while studying can help. Ok, ok…so listening to Mozart is best, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other music too. The latest music app to come to iTunes is Turntable FM. In this app you and your friends get to play DJ choosing songs to your liking whether you create a new room, or join others. Sometimes you just need a break from Mozart, or you can throw it into your next mix and surprise your friends.

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