How to Strengthen Your Online Discussion Posts

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Communication is of the utmost important in any college setting. Professors require some sort of participation which usually accounts for a small percentage of your grades. If you’re lucky enough your professor might even tack on extra credit for participation!

Taking online courses means you’ll need to participate in online forum discussions to get those additional points. The Chatty Professor has the inside scoop and is here to help all you online students create stronger and more effective discussion posts.

  • If you’re responding to a post you want to add to the conversation, so acknowledge the original post. Try paraphrasing the original comment into one sentence and then adding on your own ideas and thoughts.
  • Show and tell in discussion posts. It is easy to state facts online, but make sure that you have a source you can attribute your facts to. It also helps to “show” readers by providing examples, stories or links to back up your posts.
  • Use your textbook to add to your discussions. You can cite your book and expand on those ideas as well or use them to back up your statements. Plus, your professor will know you are putting your book to good use!
  • Read your post and make sure it makes sense from an outsider’s perspective. What makes sense to you may not make sense to your peers or professor.
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors; don’t just rely on regular spell check.
  • Ask your professor about what kind of posts they expect from students, perhaps they will even have a guideline available. If need be you can also discuss with him/her how you can improve your forum postings in order to earn a better grade.

Use these tips during your next online forum discussion and check out more tips from The Chatty Professor.

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