Pirates Make the Best Online Students

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Ahoy landlubbers! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and what better scallywag be there to attend school online?  Whether ye be lasses or lads, tis the day to pillage your way to an education. Though some twould devise that only gentlemen of fortune can afford an education, there are many a pirate who sets his sails to surf both Davy Jones’ Locker and the internet for many a degree.

Th’ internet be everywhere these days. Ye have it on planes an’ trains so why nay on th’ high seas? If ye have th’ ambition to be a captain of your destiny an’ sail your own ship, you’re goin to need to learn as much as ye can.

Pirates live on th’ sea. They don’t settle down! That’s why gettin’ a degree online be blastedly perfect. It can be lustily hard find’n time b’tween pillag’n villages an’ steal’n virtues to go to school. So, me hearties, why nay take your education sail’n with you when ye be chasin that horizon?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try nursing school, ye know, as a back-up plan in case your ship mutiny’s an’ ya need a new job. It’s nay like pirating comes with much job security. An’ th’ health benefits? Well, how many pirates do ye know with a jolly good dental plan? Gettin a carbunculously good education be a way to help ye attain a job that gets ye th’ finest treasure in all th’ land!

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