Save Science by Becoming a Professor

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I know, when we’re young we often believe we’re going to save the world, right? The future seems so limitless and full of potential. Perhaps it’s that limitlessness that steers some of us off course, distracting us from finding a way to make the world a better place.

But if you have an interest in science, this is your time to stand up and make a difference! For decades, studies like the Boyer Commission Report have announced a disheartening lack of decent education in science at the baccalaureate level. It’s no secret that education in many places of the world is in the doldrums, and science education often fares poorest of all.

But what can you do? You can teach! For example, the Association of American Universities (AAU) has recently decided to take up the cause of bettering science education by announcing new strategies. The world needs good professors of science, and you can help!

The journey begins with enlightening yourself by taking the path to higher education. Only through your dedication and passion can the new world of science rise.

Then there are the new principles being established by the AAU for a better science education at the undergraduate level. Here are some of the practices that are currently being recommended along with some common sense notions:

  • Instead of emphasizing details or specifics, look instead to impart core ideas by focusing on the principles of science in the lessons rather than rote memorization.
  • Look to involve students in applied science and practical hands-on lessons that will inspire them with what it means to engage in science and be active participants in discovery.
  • Professors should focus more on educating their pupils instead of just muddling through the lessons to concentrate on their own research.
  • Universities should have services available to help professors learn the latest in teaching techniques and trends as well as provide aid during busy times of year.

With so many people and organizations now focused directly on improving science education, it marks a wonderful time to become a professor of science. If universities can begin to implement many of the policies that are expected to improve the situation, perhaps you will benefit during your own education as well. With the proper tools and your own passion and commitment, you may indeed save science.

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