What If Your Favorite Horror Movie Villain Went to College?

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One of America’s favorite past times during Halloween seems to getting scared out of their wits by movies. Turn on the TV during October and you’re likely to find plenty of horror movies to watch including favorites like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

You’re used to seeing these villains slash victims, chase people through the woods (it isn’t a horror movie without some woods!) and inevitably die off only to come back in a sequel so we have to wonder what would have happened if these serial killers decided to go to college. Let’s see where our favorite villains would end up had their killer careers come to a halt.

Leatherface – Who better to provide a good facial than someone who wears other people’s skin? Leatherface could discover new ways to fight those wrinkles and brown spots, and how to keep looking that skin looking fresh. A career as an esthetician would be right up his alley.

He went a bit heavy on the lipstick this time

Freddy Krueger – A nightmare that comes alive, Freddy has always been one to get into your innermost thoughts. Instead of killing off his victims maybe he should actually listen to their problems. A psychology degree would be a great way for Freddy to make a turnaround in his life; after all, he does have the sharper upper hand on whether you actually want to share your problems or not.

Jason Voorhees – Known for the use of his machete in the Friday the 13th series, Jason’s character has been to space and back (seriously). Jason would be the perfect fit as the leading forensic scientist on any team, just don’t be surprised if he teams up with the killer rather than bringing them to justice.

Michael Myers – You’d think that this psychopath would do best with a psychology degree with all the time he’s spent in mental institutions. However, you’re forgetting that Mikey works best with hands…and that large knife. We are more than sure Michael would excel in a culinary arts program, his knife skills are beyond that of any beginner’s.

Should have double checked the recipe...

IT – This killer clown, not from outer space, is the reason so many people hate clowns nowadays. What better place for him to get his degree than at Clown College!

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