Four College Degrees With Nearly 0% Unemployment Rates

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Have you ever wondered if degrees with a nearly 0% unemployment rate exist? What do they look like and what type of education is involved? What do you need to study in college to earn one of these degrees? Would a master’s degree and/or PhD be required? The following are four degrees that according to CNN Money reflect an almost 0% unemployment rate. The real question—are you interested?

Actuarial Science. Maybe you’re like me and hadn’t heard of this program until now. In any case, it is a degree program the uses math and statistics to analyze risk in industries like finance and insurance. With the economic market what it is today, an actuary may be in high demand since he or she is hired by companies to “predict the future” in a calculated way. Costs and losses are important to companies since they may cut into profit margins and business operations. Most finance related industries want people who are qualified—in experience and degrees. Some actuary students have even lined up jobs prior to graduating with their bachelor’s and this occurrence seems to be the norm for many actuarial science majors.

Astrophysics. How about physics and astronomy combined? This degree program explores the stars, galaxies and planets along with lots of other cool parts of our galactic universe and how they behave and interact with one another. This type of science if far from dull for its proponents and students who choose this subject as their major often find it intriguing and exciting. While you may think you must have a PhD in any science related field, it might not be true. You could graduate with a bachelor’s degree and be employed in the field you are studying in. Graduate school might be a great option for to consider but not necessarily a requirement to find employment in this industry.

Pharmacology. Yes, it is a ‘medically relevant’ field since it involves how medication and the body interact. These interactions could be exciting for pharmacology majors since they may entail conducting innovative research. It doesn’t hurt to learn that many pharmacology students who earn their master’s and spend some time in labs end up employed by the time they graduate!

Geophysics. Talk about an international field! The energy industry is a global one and many companies are seeking out American graduates since the overall environment is made up of about 50% foreigners. Many students go to grad school to earn higher education degrees since it helps with employment in this industry and they often receive job offers prior to graduating. There seems to be a shortage of people with this degree relevant to the amount of jobs that will be opening up so if you enjoy this major you should think about earning a degree in it.

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