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Brains vs. Brawn: Football’s Smartest Players

Feb 03, 2012 No Comments by

The closing of football season is here, unfortunately. On Sunday the Giants are looking for another super bowl win, while the Patriots are looking for revenge against a near perfect season back in 2007. Most NFL players get drafted while in college, but many of them manage to find some time between all the practices to get their study on.

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How to De-Stress During National Stress Out Week

Nov 11, 2011 2 Comments by

There are so many different ways to handle stress these days. Perhaps your definition of de-stressing includes a glass of wine, reading a good book, or going to an extreme and punching a pillow. Whatever floats your boat is sure to find you some relief, especially during National Stress Out week!

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Apps of the Week

Nov 04, 2011 No Comments by

As we leap into November many students are getting down to the nitty gritty of their current courses. It is crunch time; some students are only a few weeks away from finals. As you get into the real substance of your courses many of you are beginning to see where your major is going to take you and what these classes are going to teach you.

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What If Your Favorite Horror Movie Villain Went to College?

Oct 28, 2011 2 Comments

One of America’s favorite past times during Halloween seems to getting scared out of their wits by movies. Turn on the TV during October you’re likely to find plenty of horror movies to watch including favorites like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While you’re used to seeing these villains slash victims, chase people through the woods (it isn’t a horror movie without some woods!) and inevitably die off only to come back in a sequel we have to wonder what would have happened if these serial killers decided to go to college.

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Apps of the Week

Oct 21, 2011 No Comments

We are only a week and a half away from Halloween! Of course, before you head off to a party dressed as everyone’s favorite naughty nurse you’ll have to try to finish up that mid-term project. It is an unfortunate task that has to be done, and that is why we present to you some apps to help you pull an all-nighter and finish that project management presentation (–or whatever subject you may be pulling an all-nighter for).

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Apps of the Week

Oct 07, 2011 No Comments

As fall settles in, college students are settling into their semester courses. By now you probably have a routine and may even know what your medical coding and billing professor expects on your next few assignments. This week’s app round-up helps you keep your routine, keep in touch with friends and family, and get started on your future career.

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What You Need to Know About the New Facebook Layout

Sep 30, 2011 No Comments

I scream, you scream, we all scream about the new Facebook changes. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week you’ve been hearing about the uproar the new changes have caused among the social network’s users. While some us are taking the changes in stride, others have proclaimed they’ll be moving to Google + or Twitter because they can’t stand the new layout or constant updates.

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Stats Reveal Educational Attainment is a Big Factor in Lifetime Earnings

Sep 27, 2011 No Comments

Various reports have found that educational attainment affects the earnings of an individual over their lifetime. Many factors may change how much a person makes such as gender, race, or even what language is spoken at home. Now, the latest study comes from the Census Bureau which looked over the multiyear American Community Survey (ACS) data file for the period 2006 to 2008.

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How to Strengthen Your Online Discussion Posts

Sep 21, 2011 No Comments

Communication is of the utmost important in any college setting. Professors require some sort of participation which usually accounts for a small percentage of your grades. If you’re lucky enough your professor might even tack on extra credit for participation!

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UFC Fighters have Brains and Brawn

Sep 16, 2011 2 Comments

MMA fighters are usually rough and tough, their battle grounds often smothered in blood, sweat, and tears. They train for hours on end during the majority of the year, and most of them look like they’ve been training for this their entire lives. You might be surprised to find out at 70% of UFC fighters have a college degree.

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