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How to Boost Female Participation in Engineering Programs

May 10, 2012 No Comments by

Women and engineering—a topic written about with great frequency and the dialogue continues because women are still turning away from opportunities that may await them in engineering programs and industries. Why is this an issue today with more young women “taking AP calculus and physics in high school?” according to the Washington Post. One possibility might be that women don’t recognize how engineering careers could positively impact society.

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A New Theory on Why Women Don’t Become Engineers

Nov 04, 2011 No Comments by

According to a new study funded by the National Science Foundation, the explanation for the shortage of women getting engineering degrees may be as simple as a lack of self-confidence.

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Sticking with STEM

Oct 19, 2011 No Comments by

Most people are familiar with STEM degrees or, at the very least, have heard the term used in conversation. A STEM degree is a program focused on science, technology, engineering, and math. A STEM education emphasizes innovation, critical thinking, and literacy in the above subjects.

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Build the Devices of the Future

Oct 03, 2011 2 Comments

Throw away those old letter blocks, lego pieces, and crayons! The world is being digitized at an incredible pace, and the White House may soon be getting in on the action. By funding a research center devoted to the use of technology in education, the White House is ensuring that the need for educational tools is perhaps greater than ever.

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To Build a Better Toilet…and World

Jul 29, 2011 No Comments

When solving the problems of waste, it’s beneficial to start with oneself! A bright mind without high-minded goals or a higher education can be a waste indeed. Speaking of waste, it may come as a shock that perhaps the most effective way to improve the quality of life in developing nations is by providing effective human waste solutions.

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Robotic Engineering Prepares You For the Future

Jan 31, 2011 9 Comments

Robotic engineering has become an increasingly popular and profitable subject. Movies like I, Robot, Surrogates and Wall-E (sure, he looked cute and innocent) has us thinking about our future. Rather, our nonexistent future when robots take over the world!

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STEM Degrees Continue to Be In Demand

Jan 07, 2011 31 Comments

There has been a cry for student’s to major in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) recently and slowly but surely this degree has become in demand. But, when you think about getting a master’s you’re usually not thinking about science degrees. About a decade ago only a limited number of universities offered a professional science master’s degree.

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Online Degrees in Robotic Engineering Lead to High-Paying Jobs

May 17, 2010 40 Comments

Many industries are becoming increasingly reliant on machines to increase their productivity, which could increase job prospects for mechanical engineers who have earned masters or doctoral degrees.

To help exceptional students prepare for this fast-growing sector, several campus-based and online schools are increasing their offerings in particular sections of engineering, such as robotics.

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Online College Program in Virginia Offers Degree for Engineering Students

Apr 06, 2010 17 Comments

Individuals who hope to earn a college degree may find it difficult to leave their home and family. Now the state of Virginia is looking to remedy this situation for those interested in engineering degrees.

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Engineering Majors at Online Colleges May See Improved Job Prospects

Mar 01, 2010 24 Comments

Several engineering degrees are believed to help graduates secure some of the highest-paid positions among those with a bachelor’s degree, despite the economic downturn.

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