College Degrees

Accounting 1-Year Certificate

A 1-year Certificate in Accounting will prepare students for future accounting careers using a broad base of financial reporting practices as well as various accounting principles. This certificate is ideal for people who want to learn about innovative new breakthroughs in the field of accounting and who desire to enhance their abilities in data interpretation and financial analysis. This program will expand students’ knowledge about accounting and hone new skills that may be employed right away. Depending on which program students enroll in, they may or may not have to hold their bachelor’s degree prior to taking One Year Accounting Certificate coursework. The One Year Certificate in Accounting, therefore, can be obtained without any prior degree attainment or it may be acquired as a master’s certificate program contingent on the selected university’s requirements. Students may look forward to using the exciting information gleaned from this certificate to assist them in procuring managerial positions or advanced accounting jobs within the business industry. Students may also seek employment within medical, health, or government arenas using the One Year Certificate in Accounting as a tool to help them further their desired careers. Online certificate programs are available along with the conventional classroom education.

Example Courses

  • Business Valuation
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Business Law

Potential Industries

  • Accounting
  • General Business
  • Management

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Stark State College
  • University of Berkeley
  • University of Massachusetts

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