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Accounting and Finance MBA

A master of business and administration in finance and accounting is a graduate degree program that stresses the necessity for a broad range of abilities that will be utilized in the ever changing environment of today’s global business. This degree provides a large amount of information regarding business administration and necessitates finely tuned critical thinking skills on behalf of students who decide to obtain this degree. Not only will students assess risk and use financial and statistical data, they will apply theories of negotiation, management, and leadership in addition to communicating financial accounting information in effective manners. A variety of subjects are studied such as e-commerce, investment management, and legal issues. A master of business and administration in finance and accounting will enable students to integrate different operations, personnel and financial initiatives, and marketing strategies. The degree program typically takes two years to complete and students who graduate with this degree usually increase their employment opportunities and reap the rewards of higher salaries. A master of business and administration in finance and accounting can grant students the needed skills to advance their education and knowledge within the finance and accounting fields. In addition, it can open doors to management and executive positions like Chief Financial Officer, Director of Accounting, or Senior Financial Analyst.

Example Courses

  • Economics of Management
  • Ethical and Legal Environment of Business
  • Interpreting Accounting Information

Potential Industries

  • Accounting Management
  • Financial Services
  • Management Consulting

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Florida Tech University Online
  • Regis University Online

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