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Accounting Master's

An accounting master’s degree will impart advanced accounting and financial practice education to students. Students can expect to learn topics such as cost management, taxation, regulations, auditing, financial reporting, ethics, and cost accounting. Since computers have become a more important tool in the accounting profession, the use of standard accounting software is often taught in accounting master’s degree programs. Various specialties are available for those pursuing higher education in accounting, such as internal auditing, forensic accounting, accounting management, or accounting information systems. It is also useful to have a background in either accounting or mathematics when pursuing the master’s degree, as mathematical proficiency is often required.

Recipients of a master’s in accounting will be further prepared to work in various accounting professions. Both public and private sector opportunities exist for the qualified accountant with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensure. In the public sector, accountants can work for various government agencies in financial regulation, tax collection, auditing, or as a forensic accountant investigating financial crime. The private sector is a great place for accountants to become accounting managers leading the way for business growth, or as internal auditors leading the way for increased efficiency. Many accountants with a strong educational background and the proper licensure may also choose to go into private practice for themselves as CPAs or financial planners.

Example Courses

  • Advanced Accounting Theory
  • Advanced Financial Reporting and Accounting Concepts
  • Concepts of Federal Income Tax

Potential Industries

  • Personal Accounting Services
  • Business
  • Goverment

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • University of Phoenix
  • Kaplan University

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