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Acquisition & Contract Mgmt Associate's

There are not many colleges that offer an Acquisition and Contract Management Associate’s degree. Often, however, you can take purchasing and contract management courses as you are earning your Associate’s in Business Administration which is a related degree (just a bit more broad in scope). Either path may prepare students for careers in which they manage the purchasing of goods and contracts with vendors. According to the Department of Labor, tasks that these professional roles tend to include are representing companies in negotiating the price of goods or fees for services of outside companies, resolving the grievances of vendors, and developing the process for purchasing within a corporation. Professionals who perform these duties have varying job titles that may include purchasing manager, procurement officer, and materials manager.

A two year degree that focuses on acquisition and contract management will probably have a curriculum that focuses on purchasing and contracts. This type of degree might also cover the core principles of business administration with courses that go over accounting, management, and finances. Colleges often focus much of their instruction on communication and problem solving within a business environment. For contract and purchasing courses, teachings on communication skills might focus on resolving contractual disputes.

Example Courses

  • Introduction to Business
  • Principles of Federal Acquisition and Contract Management
  • Contract Administration and Management

Potential Industries

  • Purchasing
  • Contract Management
  • Acquisitions

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Strayer University

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