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Administration and Supervision Master's

This Master’s of Education degree program is in Administration and Supervision, which may be a good course of study for individuals looking to transition their teaching career into that of a principle or other education administrator. Even if you are not currently teaching, this degree is applicable for those who have an interest in the administration aspects of our school system and are considering entering. Most schools offering this graduate degree program focus on teaching students important administration fundamentals for the Pre K – 12th grade setting. Also, depending on the school, this program may prepare students to sit for licensure testing in administration and supervision.

Because licensure regulations require that certain learning objections be met, these often are similar among institutions of higher learning (especially those in the same state). Examples of these objectives include preparing students to manage a school setting while keeping cultural and social differences in mind, instructing them on the various education technologies available and how to incorporate it in a school setting, and giving them the tools necessary to develop sound school policies. Also important –colleges include courses covering the use of performance-based assessments in effective management of teaching and other staff, as well as other leadership best practices.

Example Courses

  • The Principalship
  • School Finance and Facilities
  • Technology Leadership in Education

Potential Industries

  • Public Education
  • Politics
  • Management

Colleges Offering Degree

  • American Public University
  • Clemson University
  • University of Phoenix

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