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Associate of Arts Criminal Justice

This in-depth AA, based on a national curriculum model, will enhance any student’s effectiveness on the job; prepare him or her for a career and advancement in the field of criminal justice; provide him or her with a foundation for advancement to administrative levels; and prepare him or her for BA degree studies in criminal justice. The degree will provide an opportunity to achieve and attain a degree credential in a shorter period of time on their way to a Bachelor’s degree. Courses include: Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Law and the Legal System, Research Methods in Criminal Justice, and much more. As always at Florida Tech, this AA includes a broad-based liberal arts education along with career-specific criminal justice courses.

  • Jobs in Criminal Justice are expected to grow by an average of 23.5% by 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • The growing emphasis on homeland security has created an unprecedented demand for criminal justice and security professionals and an accelerated degree program can help you put your fingerprint on this growing employment trend.

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