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Associate of Arts in Motion Pictures and Television

Media has become permanently ingrained in global society, and it continues to develop on a daily basis. Film and television has been at the forefront of media for more than fifty years, and even with the advent of the internet, it remains at the top in terms of popularity and revenue. However, just as other technologies have evolved, film and television production, technology, and distribution has also evolved drastically. Computer technology is a big part of that evolution, and people who want to be employed in the motion picture and television industry must stay on top of emerging trends. For the most part, employment in these key industries is only available to people who have formal technical education. People who want to begin a career in film and TV may want to consider seeking an Associate of Arts in Motion Picture and Television. An Associate of Arts in Motion Picture and Television will give students an opportunity to learn the basics of all facets of film and television writing, production, distribution, and history. The integration of digital media is an important aspect of both film and television, and students will receive the training necessary to work in highly technical film and television environments in which both traditional and emerging techniques are used.

Example Courses

  • Post Production Workshop
  • Motion Picture Writing
  • Advanced Television Production

Potential Industries

  • Television Assistant in Production
  • Set Technician
  • Camera Person

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Academy of Art University
  • Los Angeles City College
  • State College of Florida

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