College Degrees

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects

Those interested in entering the exciting field of animation may be interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects degree. Graduates of this program learn skills that may help them succeed as an animator for a production company or begin a career in game design. Some college programs may also have courses that lend themselves to breaking into the computer generated special effects industry. All of these fields can be quite competitive and a degree may help students gain useful knowledge that can be added to a resume.

Even though technology is a key driver in animation and visual effects these days, many colleges start their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects degrees by teaching and enforcing the fundamentals of art and drawing. In other words, they start with a pencil and paper. As you earn your degree, however, you probably will encounter more technical courses like flash animation and motion graphics. Many colleges share the same objectives in their animation and visual effects, which include teaching students how to develop visual stories, how to translate two dimensional images into three dimensional images, and modeling and fabrication skills. Students may also take courses that aim to help them master the effects of lighting.

Example Courses

  • Introduction to Digital Video Tools and Techniques
  • VFX and Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modeling

Potential Industries

  • Film
  • Web Design
  • Game Design

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Minneapolis College of Art and Design
  • Academy of Art University
  • School of Visual Arts

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