College Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management

UMUC's Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management provides students with the skills needed to successfully participate in and support the increasingly visible role of information technology in corporate decision making. The curriculum focuses on the methods, concepts, and practical applications of information systems in the workplace. It develops graduates' abilities to conceptualize and manage the design and implementation of high-quality information systems.

The student who graduates with a major in information systems management will be able to:

  • Apply appropriate problem-solving methodologies to the analysis and solution of problems.
  • Communicate effectively using oral, written, and multimedia techniques.
  • Manage change in the dynamic and global environments of automated systems.
  • Identify relationships between programming languages and information systems.
  • Demonstrate skills in systems analysis appropriate to the management of information systems projects.
  • Demonstrate skills in the design, creation, maintenance, and reporting functions of database systems and database systems management.
  • Use a systems approach to select hardware and software for an organization.
  • Evaluate ethical issues related to information systems, work productivity, and human factors.

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