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Business Administration-Business Management Master's

Business administration and management have applications in a wide variety of fields and industries. Students that wish to obtain the next level of business education should consider a master of business administration in business management. The education required to complete this degree involves basic business concepts along with a focus on theory, analysis, and leadership strategies. Students might learn to appreciate the global contexts of business by examining how the world is changing and what the role of businesses and business ethics should be in light of those changes. Various aspects of many common businesses could be analyzed such as supply chains, marketing, and financial management so as to understand effective strategies for dealing with those aspects.

Graduates of the program could look forward to many exciting career opportunities. MBA graduates make great choices as managers of all kinds in business, such as project managers, operations managers, and human resources managers. The business and leadership techniques gained throughout the program may be invaluable when it comes to positions as analysts or cost estimators that work to keep track of expenditures and financial records to ensure smooth operation. With a master degree, graduates may also have the knowledge necessary to become teachers, informing their students of the very business concepts and information gained throughout the program.

Example Courses

  • Business Perspectives
  • Financial Accounting Principles and Analysis
  • Leadership Strategies for a Changing World

Potential Industries

  • Cost Estimation
  • Business Management
  • Business Teaching

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Marist College
  • Kaplan University
  • Argosy University

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