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Curriculum and Teaching Master's

Curriculum is perhaps the teacher’s greatest resource. From a curriculum, lesson plans can be built, course outlines can be constructed, and semester learning objectives may be clearly defined. These grade-level and subject-specific guidelines serve as important principles for educators of all levels from grade school and middle school to secondary school and even college. The master degree in curriculum and teaching highlights the methodologies behind curriculum development. By examining these developmental theories alongside other coursework like behavioral science and counseling, students may gain important perspectives on how learning works. Students may also be taught which tools (curriculum) are the most appropriate instruments for any given classroom.

This master degree is intended to provide educators the techniques they need to be successful in the classroom, with special emphasis on human development, learning strategies, and curriculum implementation. The program teaches graduates students how curriculum should be assessed for both individual and collective integration. The degree may be used for both public and private teaching positions, found primarily in secondary and grade schools. Some community colleges might also offer teaching positions to master degree holders, while some require doctoral degrees. Other positions might be found with publishers and development companies, helping to create the software, textbooks, and other curriculum used in school systems.

Example Courses

  • Curriculum Design and Assessment
  • Counseling and Education across Cultures
  • Human Development and Principles of Learning

Potential Industries

  • Public Education
  • Private Education
  • Curriculum and Teaching Software Development

Colleges Offering Degree

  • University at Albany State University of New York
  • University of North Texas
  • NC State University College of Education

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