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Curriculum & Instruction-Adult Ed Master's

All teaching degrees utilize a great deal of scientific exploration into the developmental learning capabilities of the human mind – how much can instruction can it take in one day? How quickly will it grasp new ideas? Most of these teaching degrees use the maturing child’s mind as the model for the student, but there are some that also explore the learning abilities of the adult brain. One such major is curriculum and instruction, with concentration on adult education. The techniques taught in this graduate degree program may allow grads to effectively teach and assess adult students, an undertaking with very different details than an adolescent or even teenage classroom.

This master degree program addresses adult learning theory that can meet the needs of today’s diverse classrooms, highlighting cultural and philosophical differences in communities. Like most teaching degrees, the curriculum and instruction master degree facilitates a career path to teaching but does not include licensure to become a certified teacher, a regulated certification mandated by state sanctions. Public educators and private instructors alike may use this degree in schools, colleges, and community centers where adult education takes place. Coursework frequently includes technology integration work, promising graduate students are well equipped to face the classroom with the latest technologies.

Example Courses

  • Philosophy and Issues of Education
  • Theories of Adult Education
  • Psychology & Developmental Learning

Potential Industries

  • Public Education
  • Private Education
  • Higher Education

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Phoenix University
  • National-Louis University
  • Regent University School of Education

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