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Curriculum & Instruction Master's

The Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction degree is a comprehensive degree that works to strengthen your instructional skills and leadership abilities.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will have gained new knowledge and enlightened perspectives about contemporary instructional technology, student learning and faculty enrichment theories and the latest in instructional design. You will be better prepared to serve in your current teaching position and will learn how to become a more inspiring educator.

About University of Scranton
The University of Scranton is dedicated to freedom of inquiry, the pursuit of wisdom, integrity and truth, and the personal growth and development of all who share in its life. The University of Scranton was founded in 1888. The University has more than 38,000 graduates, with a current population of approximately 4,700 students, including adult, part-time and graduate students. The professors are known for their excellence in teaching and for the personal attention they give to students. Of 256 faculty members, 84 percent hold doctoral or other terminal degrees in their field. With outstanding online communication tools, students have ample opportunity to ask questions, participate in research and meet with faculty.

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