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E-Commerce Associate

The McKinley College E-Commerce Program has been designed by experts to speed you toward a career in the growing field of E-Commerce.

* Earn up to $55,000/year (with experience)
* Be in high demand
* Obtain job security

High Demand Skills

The E-Commerce industry generates tremendous demand for the skills you will learn at McKinley College. Some of the training you will receive includes:

* Strategic Internet Marketing
* E-Commerce
* Marketing Strategies
* Entrepreneurship
* Principals of Sales
* Consumer Behavior
* And much more!

The skills you learn here can become the cornerstone for a long and successful career.

Distance Education

Study in the comfort of your own home. Progress at your own pace - as fast or as slow as you wish.

You can take your exams and manage your education online, via email, fax, or mail. You will receive comprehensive course materials in the mail for each module.

Career Focused

We won’t waste your time with classes that don’t apply to your career.

And, we only offer programs in career fields with growth potential.

You can get your degree quickly and start work immediately.

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