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Entertainment Business Master's

An entertainment business master degree is a graduate program designed to advance or launch the entertainment professional’s career. Entertainment is a business, and like all businesses, there are management hierarchies that keep it in motion. This upper-level degree program expands a student’s learned skills from his undergraduate entertainment experience and develops them for use in management roles. A marketing specialist starting out as a coordinator might use an entertainment business master to advance their career to a marketing director within an advertising agency or a record label. Students or professionals working for a talent agency might consider an entertainment business master to learn how to branch out and manage their own clientele. Public relations consultants could use the program to learn how to better implement new technologies. The degree could help this kind of professional become a vital asset within his existing organization, or even a shining prospect to other PR firms.

Whether to advance an existing career or to simply excel as a potential candidate, an entertainment business master degree could jump start the process. Coursework varies from one to two years and is concentrated specifically on entertainment processes and management, combining the ins-and-outs of business management education with practical application to the show business.

Example Courses

  • Entertainment Business Finance
  • Business Negotiation
  • Media Literacy and Research

Potential Industries

  • Entertainment Management
  • Public Relations
  • Entrepreneurship

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Metropolitan College of New York
  • Massey Graduate School at Belmont University
  • Full Sail University

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