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Environmental Engineering Master's

A master’s degree in environmental engineering could prepare a student for management positions that involve technical jobs, balancing our engineering and building practices with sustainability. This degree enables students to learn highly applicable problem-solving skills that could allow them to efficiently manage teams, processes, and even entire departments within companies. A master’s degree in environmental engineering blends business management instruction with relevant engineering science. After college, grads might use their degrees to get jobs in research, working for government, state, or private firms. Or, they might choose to use this degree to find a job in upper-level management, working for a hazardous waste disposal company or a water testing plant, for example.

Whether for management, research, or other degree application, a master’s in environmental engineering may prepare grads for a unique job experience. As with many engineering majors, students will understand how and why structures are built, but they will additionally learn how to make best use of the materials used to build them. They’ll be prepared to evaluate current engineering practices, and advise on how to best execute future ones. These skills are in growing demand in fields across the board – from recycling, to waste management to air pollution – they all utilize skills taught to environmental engineers.

Example Courses

  • Elements of Public Health Engineering
  • Statistical Experimental Design for Engineers
  • Environmental Technology Seminar

Potential Industries

  • Engineering
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Management

Colleges Offering Degree

  • University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • University of Arizona Graduate College
  • New England College School of Graduate and Professional Studies

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