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Executive Business Administration Master's

The Executive Masters program in Business Administration at Kennedy-Western University focuses on the development of an organization through the study of management, marketing, economics, and the environment.

The primary purpose of the program is to provide opportunities for business persons and others to further their training and be better qualified to fulfill their personal, occupational and professional goals. It is intended that all courses shall require of students a greater intellectual effort, more independence in reading and investigation, and more constructive thinking to prepare practitioners for positions in business administration and other areas.

To increase the effectiveness of business persons and others by broadening and deepening their preparation in their fields of specialization and in general knowledge, the courses emphasize analyzing, designing, synthesizing, and evaluating data from all functional areas of business. Higher level techniques in decision-making abilities, long-range planning knowledge, human relations expertise, and motivational skills as well as
social, cultural, political, legal, ethical, and economic factors that shape and impact the business environment are stressed.

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