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Healthcare Administration MBA

A Master's Degree in Health Care Administration could lead to a well-respected professional career, working with doctors and patients in a meaningful way. Health care is one of today's fastest growing industries. Your Master's Degree in Health Care Administration can give you an important edge as you pursue the excitement of a worthwhile career and the higher pay you deserve.

The Ashworth College distance learning program makes it easier than ever for you to obtain the expertise you need to succeed. Our program in Health Care Administration is designed to help you excel in a leadership position, whether you manage a small private medical practice, a hospital department, a specialty clinic, a nursing home, or an HMO. We'll teach you the practical techniques that are essential to day-to-day health care administration…from budgeting to staffing…patient security issues to managed care…disease control to insurance regulations.

Challenging assignments prompt you to develop real-world solutions to typical health care dilemmas. At graduation you should have a high level of confidence in your ability to achieve business goals through prudent health care decision-making, in a variety of workplace environments.

Enroll online today in Ashworth College's Master's of Health Care Administration distance education program.

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