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Homeland Security Master's

Colorado Technical University is pleased to announce the introduction and availability of a career-focused Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Homeland Security.

The MSM with a concentration in Homeland Security includes seven required courses in Homeland Security that are based on the curriculum of the Masters of Homeland Security as developed by the US Naval Postgraduate School and offered in a variety of Universities that are part of the Homeland Security and Defense Education Consortium. These courses are:

•Homeland Security Fundamentals
•Dynamics of Terrorism
•Technology Solutions for HLS
•Organizational and Policy Challenges
•Vulnerability Analysis and Protection
•Homeland Security and Government
•Psychology of Fear Management

Courses are taught by instructors who have substantial experience making key leadership contributions in their area of expertise. Students can benefit from their instructors' perspectives and professional insights as they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a diverse range of executive positions requiring specific knowledge of the complex dynamics of Homeland Security.

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