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Hotel and Tourism Management MBA

Schiller Online is one of few universities that offer an MBA in hotel and tourism management. As demonstrated by our campuses, Schiller has a rich tradition in the field of hotel and tourism management. The hotel and tourism industry around the world is experiencing phenomenal growth due to emerging economies and the baby boomers' desire to experience and enjoy life subsequent to retirement. This industry growth has created multiple job opportunities and intense competition. Graduates with professional skills, the right attitude and strong presentation abilities will be in demand. If customer service is your forte; there is a job for you.

The job opportunities with hotels, tourism agencies, clubs and resorts, theme parks, cruise lines, and spa resorts include, but are not limited to, the following: 1.) Sales and Marketing Managers, which will incorporate selling hotel rooms to destinations, and creating relationships with many different businesses. This position offers a challenging work environment, higher pays, and opportunities to travel. 2.) Front Office Managers, which will entail working with the latest technology, focus on customer care, and aim for guest satisfaction. 3.) Food and Beverage Managers, that deal with restaurants to indoor/outdoor catering management, and will provide a challenging but satisfying work environment with high rewards. 4.) Banquet/Event Managers deal with weddings to conventions. This exciting, challenging, and very demanding field offers opportunities with competitive pay and high satisfaction. 5.) Tourism Directors will work for the city, county, state, or federal agencies, and involve marketing of destinations, utilizing existing natural resources, or creating new ones. These careers offer opportunities to increase revenues for the government and communities. 6.) Cruise Directors, Considered "floating hotels", offer greater opportunities to travel to countries around the globe and alternate between very demanding work environments and extended vacations.

Present day hotel and tourism professionals need to be tech savvy, skill oriented, and have the desire to travel the world. They also need to be able to understand and work with people from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. Hotel and tourism professionals also need to have the dedication to work under difficult and demanding situations involving customers, co-workers, and management, using tact, diplomacy, and excellent communication skills. There will also be a constant need to upgrade professional and personal skills for career advancement. Not only will Schiller Online provide you with the necessary knowledge to handle these sorts of situations but provide you with the confidence through real life situations.

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