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Human Resource Management MBA

As human resources professionals are more interwoven into the fabric of various organizations it becomes more helpful for them to be adequate in business knowledge as well. A masters of business administration with a concentration in human resource management could prepare students to become human resources professionals as well as strong business managers.

Students may learn such core business skills as organizational strategy, data analysis, financial accounting, value creation, economics, global contexts, innovation, and leadership. With a proper business background, students will then be able to learn key human resources aspects such as human capital management, employee training, compensation, employee relations, and talent development. Like many fields, human resources could also be integrated with new technologies, so students may be taught to appreciate and understand many of the latest technological tools of the trade.

Masters of business administration graduates that have a concentration in human resources could make great candidates for careers within the human resources departments of many organizations. Dealing with employee training, the development of talent, and recruitment strategies are abilities that are cultivated within the program.

Along with the financial understandings that come with the business aspect of the degree, graduates may also be well-suited for careers in payroll departments dealing with accounting and compensation matters. The business administration degree may also prepare graduates for careers as managers in various aspects of organizations.

Example Courses

  • Human Resource Management in 21st Century Knowledge
  • Building Organizational Effectiveness
  • Human Resource Management Technologies and Applications

Potential Industries

  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Payroll

Colleges Offering Degree

  • University of Wisconsin
  • Capella University
  • Strayer University

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