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Instructional Technology for Trainers Master's

The Masters of Science in Instructional Technology for Trainers is a 12 course, 36-hour Master's degree program that prepares students to effectively integrate instructional and technological knowledge and skills within the context of workplace training and performance improvement. Those entering this program are usually employed in the field of training and development or human resources or are independent trainers and/or performance consultants. Others may pursue the degree as an avenue for a career transition into a training-related career. The program focuses on the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to pursue careers as professional trainers, instructional designers, e-learning specialists, and internal consultants working in corporate, not-for-profit, and government settings. Graduates are able to assess learning and performance problems and identify instructional and non-instructional solutions. They are equipped with the skills to design, develop, implement, and evaluate training activities that integrate multimedia, the Internet, and other technology available towards the goal of providing effective, efficient, and appealing training.

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