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Integrated Marketing Communications

Gain an edge in today's dynamic marketplace by earning a master's degree from the Integrated Marketing Communications program offered online by the P. I. Reed School of Journalism at West Virginia University. The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program is the first IMC master's degree program in the world available exclusively online.

The 39-credit master's degree program provides students worldwide the opportunity to earn a graduate degree in IMC. Designed to meet the needs of busy working professionals, the IMC program blends the flexibility of completing a master's degree online regardless of geographic location and professional/personal commitments, education in an innovative and cutting-edge discipline sought by employers and taught by successful practitioners in the industry, and the reputation of a respected major university. Students who complete this program are well prepared to fill the growing need for sophisticated practitioners of IMC throughout consumer and business-to-business firms, financial service companies, publishers, government, non-profits, the arts, and the media.

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