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International Management Master

As the world becomes a global marketplace, many businesses seek to expand their operations across national borders. Multinational corporations from various industries work with international clients and suppliers. Some international business jobs are found in the United States, but many positions involve working or travelling abroad. MIM students focus specifically on learning cross-cultural skills and international business.

International Business Law, Management Communication for International Business, Statistics for Business, Methods of Research and Analysis, and International Business are just some of the concentrations incorporated into this versatile degree. You will learn the importance of effective communication and how to successfully convey your newly found skills in the business atmosphere, attain a general understanding of the legal issues arising from transnational business transactions, receive an intensive introduction to statistical methodology in business and economics. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to develop international strategies in planning market research and control with regard to legal, cultural, and economic factors involved in crossing borders.

There are many potential Career Opportunities Schiller will prepare you for. Fields that fall into this category are as follows: International Account Executive, International Product Manager, International Purchasing Agent, and Foreign Exchange Trader International Real Estate Agent. Schiller will supply you with many great life tools in order to succeed in this truly international environment. Students must have multicultural awareness and sensitivity, therefore knowledge of a foreign language is also essential for many career paths. There is an increased need for graduates that have experience with international business law, trade, finance, and marketing. With this in mind, a Masters degree in International Management from Schiller Online will create opportunities you never thought feasible.

Whether you are a foreign student or a domestic student, Schiller International University does not require a GMAT score upon acceptance of this program. This program is ideal for the student who is looking for something slightly different to the Masters of Business Administration degree.

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