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Management and Leadership Master's

Liberty University’s Master of Arts in Management and Leadership program prepares students to excel as business professionals in a variety of management positions, enhancing opportunities for promotions and associated salary increases. Students pursuing this degree will be challenged to improve their critical thinking skills through complex, real-world assignments that require graduate-level analysis and synthesis. All courses emphasize the importance of ethics in business practices and improve students’ project development abilities through participation in group projects.

The Master of Arts in Management and Leadership positions graduates to be effective managers in areas such as finance, human resources, retail/sales and non-profit, or as business owners and/or managers. All graduate faculty members hold doctoral-level degrees from major research universities and are committed to teaching from a Christian perspective. As the world's largest evangelical university, Liberty University incorporates core Christian values into all of their degree offerings in order to provide all students a thorough academic and spiritually enriching program of study.

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