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Marketing Master's

A Master's Degree in Marketing could open the door to a wide range of tremendously satisfying and well-paying career opportunities. The proper application of marketing principles is critical to companies in a global economy, as it assures that companies remain competitive. Marketing is the foundation of growth and stability for businesses, public institutions and organizations of all types and sizes. And thanks to our fast paced distance learning approach, it's easier than ever for you to move ahead in this exciting profession.

Our program is designed to help you excel in a leadership position, whether directing advertising and public relations campaigns, managing a sales staff or supervising research activities. We'll teach you the practical techniques that are essential to day-to-day marketing functions, from pricing to product positioning, brand image to consumer behavior, sales promotion to integrating marketing communications and much more.

Challenging assignments prompt you to develop real-world solutions to typical marketing dilemmas. At graduation you should have a high level of confidence in your ability to achieve business goals through knowledge-based decision-making in a variety of workplace environments.

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