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Master in the Art of Teaching-Mathematics, K-5

Mathematics is becoming increasingly critical in all aspects of globalization. From economics, computer science, business, and education; it is very apparent that mathematics will continue to be at the forefront of technological and economic development worldwide. That is one reason why mathematics educators are becoming increasingly more important. Today, math is such an integral part of life that highly specialized educators are needed at all levels of mathematics education. One of the most critical areas of need is in elementary mathematics education. The earlier students are exposed to advanced mathematical concepts, the easier it is for them to acquire higher mathematical knowledge later on. Teachers who want to become certified mathematics teachers at the elementary level may want to consider completing an M.A. in Mathematics Education K-5. This Master of Arts program will prepare teachers to educate students on increasingly complex mathematical theories beginning at early ages, in an age-appropriate format. This M.A. degree will prepare teachers to convey foundational mathematics concepts and principles to elementary age students, preparing them for more advanced studies at the middle and high school levels. In addition, the M.A. in Mathematics Education K-5 also focuses on curriculum development and effective teaching methodology and practices.

Example Courses

  • Elementary Mathematics: Data Analysis and Probability
  • Designing Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Students with Special Needs
  • Elementary Mathematics: Algebra

Potential Industries

  • School Curriculum Development
  • Classroom Teaching, Grades K - 5
  • Professional Development and Administration in Mathematics Education

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Western Governors University
  • Walden University
  • Lindenwood University

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