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Master of Arts in Human Resource Management

The Master of Arts in Human Resource Management provides students with both the critical skills and knowledge required to be effective in this continuously growing domain through case study, experiential learning opportunities, and best practices. This program serves to increase skills and abilities for a professional to either serve as a senior management team member or as a consultant to organization leadership on human resource management and organizational change issues.

The program integrates the many facets of human resource management in the 21st century through concept, theory, critical analysis and application of recruitment, staffing, training and development, organizational behavior, performance improvement, compensation, benefits, insurance, technology, legal aspects, labor relations, work groups and teams, organizational change and adaptation, ethical issues, and safety concerns in the workplace.

The curriculum, incorporating relevant HRM and ODV technology and best practices for both consultants and internal practitioners, is much more in-depth and geared toward those already in the field of practice (HRM and ODV) and for business professionals who want to extend their knowledge beyond operations management. This cutting edge program is designed to offer an innovative multi-disciplinary approach to the growing field of human resource management and the continuum of organizational change in the 21st century.

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