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Master of Arts in Organizational Management-Human Resources Management

A master of arts in organizational management is a graduate degree for human resources professionals. The degree highlights important leadership techniques needed to be a successful manager in an HR position. Because human resources is a field, like accounting, that contains trained professionals needed in virtually every kind of business, human resources professionals work in many kinds of industries. Most commonly this kind of master degree is used to find careers in management. Or, if used by a professional already in his career, it might be used to advance through a company’s management hierarchy. In organizational management with a focus in human resources, students may gain psychological perspectives on human behavior. They may be taught about the components of a safe, legal, and ethical workplace.

Regardless of the industry that the degree might be applied to, the techniques learned within this program may be invaluable to the field of human resources. A director of human resources within a large corporation might use these techniques to manage a department; common specializations include compensation and benefits, training, and labor relations. A recruitment specialist in manufacturing might use techniques acquired through this graduate program to screen, interview, and discuss potential employment opportunities with candidates for their company. And a small media company might employ an HR manager to oversee all human resources activities for the business, including interviewing, payroll coordination, and employee development. All of these kinds of positions may require extensive knowledge of the subject that could be learned through a master degree in organizational management.

Example Courses

  • Individual, Interpersonal, and Group Behavior In Organizations
  • Community Building
  • Legal and Ethical Theory

Potential Industries

  • Corporate Business
  • Manufacturing
  • Media

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Fielding Graduate University
  • Ashford University
  • Appalachian State University

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