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Master of Business Administration-Corporate Teaching

Corporate teaching and training is more than just simply explaining how to do a given job or project. There are specific business approaches and considerations that must be given in order to effectively communicate and implement new processes, projects, and roles. An MBA in corporate teaching combines the fundamentals of business administration like managerial leadership techniques, and applies them to methodologies of education. Unlike traditional education, however, this MBA track may provide insight on teaching adults, and how to properly initiate training objectives.

In the nonprofit sector, corporate teaching professionals may be a part of the board, serving as educators to new project volunteers and employees. The government might also utilize an MBA corporate teaching grad to oversee the implementation of new protocols, integrate new software programs, or simply to train new hires. While both nonprofit and government agencies may support this MBA track with management positions, the majority of graduates go on to seek work in corporations. Here they may become leaders in a number of different faculties. Sales departments might use corporate teachers to teach new account executives company culture and sales methodologies. Risk management sectors may seek these kinds of grads to fulfill training objectives that are geared towards minimizing certain kinds of risk exposure.

Example Courses

  • Mastering Teaching Adults
  • Training for Impact
  • Management Information Systems

Potential Industries

  • Nonprofit
  • Government
  • Corporate Business

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Colorado Christian University
  • Walden University
  • Florida International University

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