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Master of Business Administration MBA-Accounting & Finance

AIU Online's MBA with a concentration in Accounting and Finance degree program educates students with a unique, market-relevant combination of comprehensive business studies and real-world financial applications. This online degree program is designed to give students the advanced knowledge, skills, and practical, experience-based education necessary to focus on finance and accounting career opportunities.

AIU Online created this MBA degree program to help prepare students interested in developing and advancing their career opportunities as Financial Analysts, Comptrollers, Independent Accountants, Professional Investors and other top-tier financial professions.

This degree lends itself to change and allows us to prepare relevant, timely coursework for students that will benefit them in the real world upon graduation. This helps ensure that AIU Online graduates will be professionally up-to-date upon earning a timely, industry-relevant MBA. This program is accelerated and can be completed quickly.

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