College Degrees

Master of Business Administration

An MBA degree holds with it the possibility of increasing your managerial skills, income potential, and marketability. Earn this coveted degree from Kaplan University in as little as 22 months of part-time study* without giving up your day job, and save the time and expense of commuting to a college campus. Kaplan University allows you to study online, and an MBA could help prepare you to pursue leadership positions in corporate settings.† This degree can be further specialized by focusing on one of eight specializations: entrepreneurship, finance, health care management, human resources, international business, marketing, project management, or supply chain management and logistics.

*Program length is based on a full-time schedule. Programs will take longer for part-time students to complete.

†Kaplan University's programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their field of study, or in related fields. However, the University does not guarantee that graduates will be placed in any particular job or employed at all.

* Please Note: The program information on this page is for general college research purposes only. Filling out the College Finder form (to your right), will provide information from schools that match your criteria but may or may not include any schools that may be listed on this page.