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Master of Divinity-Missional Studies

Today you have the opportunity to make an important decision that could significantly improve your career, impact the lives of others and influence the future of Christian ministry. By choosing to earn your Master of Divinity you can set that opportunity in motion.

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary’s Master of Divinity program is the standard professional degree for ministry. Specifically designed to help men and women prepare for professional Christian ministry in local church and para-church settings, this program provides students with in-depth study of biblical leadership principles and strategies and intensive study in the Scriptures and essential truths of the Christian faith. Emphasis is placed on understanding and utilizing the core values, knowledge and skills needed to serve effectively in a variety of pastoral roles. This degree program is also suited for students looking to serve as military or marketplace chaplains.

The Master of Divinity, Missional Studies is intended for students who aim to serve Christ and the church in accomplishing the Great Commission by planting and/or strengthening new churches/ministries in this country and around the world in a variety of intercultural/ethnic settings.

All graduate faculty members hold doctoral-level degrees from major research universities and are committed to teaching from a Christian perspective. As the world's largest evangelical university, Liberty University incorporates core Christian values into all of their degree offerings in order to provide all students a thorough academic and spiritually enriching program of study.

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