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Master of Education in Special Education

The Master of Education in Special Education, (Not Eligible for Credential) is a cross-categorical program designed for any individual interested in the education of special needs children in the K-12 setting, but who must postpone student teaching, or who does not choose to seek a teaching certificate. The format and courses of the regionally accredited program are tailored to meet the needs of the adult learner and to maximize strengths that the student already possesses. Courses are taught by experts in their respective fields who share knowledge and experience in areas of learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disabilities, and other physical and cognitive impairments. Opportunities are provided to apply concepts, theories, and research throughout the program. Assignments within each course guide students through observational and practice-based experiences. Students must have access to a K-12 special education classroom to complete the program assignments. Graduates of the program are prepared to work with special needs populations and implement individualized educational plans to accommodate the students' various learning needs. The students are also prepared to move into a student teaching/credentialing component with Grand Canyon University at a later date.

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