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Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design

Obtaining a Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design is a great degree for students who are interested in the design industry like products, furniture, toys, or transportation to name a few. Students receive mentoring from industrial design innovators and many faculty members are also artists. Students who are working towards their Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design degree participate in workshops and events and utilize the skills they are honing to engage with design and business communities. Typically, students will augment their technical design talents by employing newly acquired information in design, field settings, and problem solving. A Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design involves personal development on an advanced level and trains students as leaders and innovators who are ready to tackle multifaceted design processes. An MFA in this field usually takes two to three years and many students may go on to work for such top notch corporations. Students may attend seminars, engage in studio classes, and perform independent studies that prepare them for contemporary industrial design. Procuring a Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design is a great way for students who are intrigued by new concepts and materials to apply the knowledge they gain in manners that are creative and intellectually satisfying.

Example Courses

  • Design Drawing
  • Intro to Graphics for Manufacturing
  • Professional Techniques

Potential Industries

  • Automotive Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Furniture Design

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Purdue University
  • University of Washington
  • Academy of Art University Online

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