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Master of Organizational Leadership

Create Lasting Change. Build a Legacy.

Gonzaga University’s renowned online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership is an interdisciplinary program that incorporates knowledge from the social sciences, communication field, arts, humanities, and business, into a transformational leadership curriculum. Our program challenges your ability for creative thinking and innovative problem solving.

Students come to our online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with various undergraduate majors, career paths and experience levels. In any given class, your fellow students may work in public service, for a non-profit, be on active duty in the military, have recently graduated, or are seasoned corporate professionals.

From your first course, you will learn leadership competencies you can use right now, and for the rest of your life – regardless of the path you take or the changes that might come. You will learn how to forge alliances, build hope and contagious confidence, and inspire a shared vision as you learn how to turn details into action.

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