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Master of Science Educational and Instructional Technology

The Master of Science in Educational and Instructional Technology is designed for students who want to participate in the paradigm changes that technology is precipitating in both education and training, as human learning moves from print and classroom-based instruction to digital media. The history and effectiveness of change processes and the role of technology in human learning are key components to the program.

This program divides into two specializations, an Educational Technology Specialization for K-12 and higher education bound educators, and an Instructional Technology Specialization for corporate and private industry instructional designers and trainers. Those in the Educational Technology specialization will develop expertise in both designing and conducting technology-facilitated instruction.

These graduates will be prepared to enter education careers such as K-12 technology coordination, site administration, home school and virtual school instruction, and online instruction in higher education. Those in the Instructional Technology specialization prepare for the rapidly growing employment opportunities available to people skilled in applying emerging information and telecommunication technologies to solving instructional problems.

These graduates will be capable of applying their knowledge and skills to any situation in which digital technologies hold the potential for improving instruction -- especially, business, and industry, and governmental agencies.

This program emphasizes practical applications by offering extensive technical training in a variety of software. The program culminates with a final technology project that applies the theory and practice of educational and instructional technology.

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