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Master of Science in Accounting and Information Technology

The Master of Science in Accounting and Information technology (MSAT) degree is designed for students who want to gain a thorough understanding of accounting with an information technology emphasis. The degree is appropriate for individuals currently in an accounting or information technology position, and who want to expand and deepen their knowledge base in order to move into a position focused on accounting information systems and/or accounting information technology. The degree is also suited for individuals who are currently not in accounting or information technology, and who want to increase their knowledge base in order to move into a position in one or the other without becoming too specialized.

The competencies gained in the program will enable a graduate to respond to the evolving demands in modern organizations for information systems and applications, serve as liaison between the information technology (IT) department and organizational executives, and to pursue management positions of increasing responsibility in the field of accounting. During the course of study, a student will develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary to work closely with information technology professionals on the design and development of systems' specifications, as well as selection and implementation of enterprise systems and related applications. This integrated program may satisfy the educational requirements for candidacy for the Certified Public Accountant examination. It will benefit those individuals seeking positions as senior accounting managers, including that of Controller.

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